Catharsis in Ink

Emotions are intangible. Words are not.

The Rearview Mirror

A daughter who is always late. A father who has a habit of dishing out advice for free. An hour long drive filled with silence. What happens?


The Day After

A life altering event. Free food and offers wherever I go. Because I am a woman and get to celebrate 24 hours of emancipation. Women's Day, a celebration of patriarchy, is a futile exercise. But what happens the next day?

Summer on the Verandah

One of my fondest memories of summer will always be the months I spent frolicking under the shade of the almond tree in my grandmother's verandah. An ode to the days spent with wild abandon, days spent dancing to the hum of the leaves rustling in the gentle evening breeze.

Pseudo Education

This isn't a complaint about exam pressure. Neither is it a poison pen letter for Sharmaji's beloved son. It's a student's rant about the inefficiency of the education system. A rant that might just stem from exam paranoia.

All In Your Head 

Just because you don't understand doesn't mean it isn't so. Mental disorders aren't a figment of imagination, let's not treat them like they are.

A New Beginning

I paint for them pictures in ink so they don't have to imagine a world I can not speak of.

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